SGS 6000-010KTL

                                      SGS 6000-010KTL

                                      SGS 6000-010KTL
                                      SGS 6000-010KTL

                                      Maximum efficiency 98.1% ??CEC?efficiency 97.5%

                                      3.5inch LCD screen display more information
                                      Wide range of MPPT voltage
                                      Dual MPPT
                                      PV Input Type automatic configuration
                                      Grid Type automatic configuration
                                      Fan free design
                                      NEMA 4X, can be used for outdoor or indoor installation
                                      Quick and convenient installation
                                      RS485, Ethernet and WIFI/GPRS communications (optional)
                                      Single-channel MPPT maximum power imbalance of up
                                      to 6400 w, convenient for the customer according to roof
                                      configuration required for panels

                                      Technical Data

                                      SGS Series
                                      SGS 6000TL / SGS 7600TL / SGS 9000TL / SGS 010KTL

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