[Heavy News] Trannergy Products Are Shown on CCTV

                                      [Heavy News] Trannergy Products Are Shown on CCTV

                                      Release Time:2016.10.25    Source:Trannergy

                                      CCTV Xinwen Lianbo?presents a news with the title of ‘Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province, Industry Support and Long-term Poverty Alleviation’ today.Trannergy? products enter the sight line of audience through CCTV close-up camera impressively.


                                      Liu Ganfeng-local impoverished resident told that we know the following news-the poverty household in Ganzhou is equipped with distributed photovoltaic power generation equipment. Each device can obtain fixed income of 400-500 Yuan. Total income is more than 5000 Yuan one year. Farmers do not need any payment for installation of photovoltaic power generation equipment. They can enjoy government subsidies and fiscal interest loans. ‘PV poverty alleviation’ brought immediate results for poor households to get out of poverty.

                                      Inverter providers behind the poverty alleviation project said by Liu Ganfeng is Trannergy ?Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                                      It is a great encouragement for Shanghai Trannergy. Since it was founded in 2010,Trannergy ?locked the objective to tandem inverter market. It keeps low development trend. Previously, Dr. Guo Hongtao-General Manager of Trannergy ?accepted media interview and said that ‘we are an entrepreneurial team relying on technology, I also believe that photovoltaic industry is always an industry driven by technical innovation. Industry innovation must be killed by long-term reliance on subsidy. Therefore, we should have long-term plan in order to keep rapid development of industry and enterprise. Innovation is the power for developing?Trannergy’. Trannergy ?always adheres to customer demand as the goal. It relies on innovation to promote enterprise development. It does not pursue blind expansion, but it makes all efforts for pursuing client satisfaction. The company constantly perfects and optimizes product performance through accumulating product use experience for many years, thereby keeping the products at a very low product fault rate.

                                      Currently, Trannergy ?can be reported by Xinwen Lianbo- the most authoritative platform all over the country and it emerges from the same industry due to the following reasons: firstly, PVI/TRI/TRB/TRM and other series of tandem inverters independently developed and produced byTrannergy ?adopt unique high-frequency inversion technique, soft switch resonance technology, three-level inverter and other techniques. It is characterized by high efficiency, high quality and high reliability, which is used in tens of thousands of homes in roofs and photovoltaic power stations.

                                      ?In addition, it not only has wide overseas market, but also becomes one of the first batch of PV inverter manufacturers passing China energy industry standard NB/T32004-2013 due to own long-term settlement. It becomes one of the first batch of enterprises obtaining CQC ‘ PV leading’ certification in China. It shows strong selling force in many photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects such as Anyang of Henan, Jieshou of Anhui and Ganzhou of Jiangxi and even the whole Jiangxi Province. Furthermore, Trannergy ?also assists Shanghai Laonongtang Roof Plant. It successfully becomes the first ‘private photovoltaic power station’ constructed in old lane in downtown area of Shanghai. It is widely transmitted by Shanghai Radio News channel and other local media.


                                      (Trannergy ?Entrance into Lane reported by Shanghai Television News Comprehensive Channel)


                                      (Jiangxi Wanjiawuding Photovoltaic Power Generation Demonstration Project)


                                      (Jiangxi Yudu Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Household System)

                                      The poverty alleviation mode-Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation is consistent with accurate poverty alleviation and precise poverty reduction strategy on one hand. It also conforms to the development strategy of clean and low carbon energy, thereby realizing transformation of Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation from ‘blood transmission’ to ‘blood creation’, thereby effectively preventing the phenomenon of ‘returning to poverty after poverty alleviation’. It is a new poverty alleviation mode for assisting poor households to establish income increase channel, getting rid of poverty and enriching. It is an effective method to solve blank economic income of village collectives.

                                      Trannergy ?Ganzhou poverty alleviation project sets a benchmark in the industry and acts as an example, it greatly improves the power generation efficiency of poverty alleviation project in Jiangxi Ganzhou, and effectively solves the distributed power generation difficulty of poor households, thereby making contribution for poverty alleviation work, laying solid foundation for poverty alleviation work when poor households in Ganzhou get rid of poverty. Other poverty regions in Jiangxi with Ganzhou as representative have long-term and stable economic source.

                                      ?In the future, Trannergy ?will continue to maintain high level of social responsibility, and strictly control the quality. Cost can be lowered through technology innovation, and integrated brand competitiveness can be improved, thereby creating higher value for poverty alleviation projects.


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