Distributor/Agent Network

                                      Distributor/Agent Network

                                        BENEFITS AND SUPPORT WE ARE OFFERING:
                                      • Wide range of high-quality inverter products for renewable industry
                                      • Favorable prices and payment terms
                                      • Attractive sales-based commission
                                      • Co-investment on local media adverts or exhibition
                                      • List your company as authorized distributor in our worldwide network
                                      • Customize packaging service according to local taste
                                      • Free catalogs and other promotional materials for new models
                                      • Instant technical support and prices update
                                        DISTRIBUTOR QUALIFICATION YOU NEED TO MEET:
                                      • Basic knowledge or experience of renewable energy and/or electric industry
                                      • Strong sales network in your region or country
                                      • Brand-oriented market developing capability
                                      • Detailed market penetration and expansion plan
                                      APPLE TO BE OUR DISTRIBUTOR
                                      APPLE TO BE OUR DISTRIBUTOR NOW!
                                    1. We will contact you for further communication If agreed, a distributor contract will be signed by both parties Start working together

                                    2. Attention:

                                      All fields marked with GREEN star (*) shall be filled.

                                      Please provide as much imformation as possible for easily setting up the cooperation.

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